5 tips for helping your child revise


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5 tips for helping your child revise:

How to revise more effectively and avoid stress at exam time

Exam time can be stressful for both you and your child so we’ve put together some helpful tips to help make revision a little less daunting:

1: Make a timetable:

Find out the critical dates for the exams and sit with your child to work out a schedule. A timetable will help plan but also give your child something to interact with. Draw it on a large piece of paper and hang it somewhere prominent, with tasks that your child can tick off as they go.

2: Learning Style:

Everyone tackles revision differently and has different ways of learning. Find out what motivates your child and leverage that approach to help them reach their goal.

3: Handling stress:

Having a positive outlook when it comes to helping your child revise is important as it will help them realise that learning can be fun. Reward your child with fun breaks, such as a walk in the park or a game to help keep their spirits high.

4: A calm space:

Put aside a dedicated quiet space where your child can revise and keep it as clear as possible. Avoid revising in front of the television or with family members where they can easily be distracted.

5: Reward:

Rewarding your child for tasks completed as they revise will help them stay motivated, even if it’s as simple as a gold star on the timetable. However, be slightly careful about offering a lavish reward to aim for if they pass their exam as this can put pressure on your child and set the wrong precedent.

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