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How will I find out about tutoring assignments?

When you fill out your profile page you are encouraged to publish your email address and a phone number that parents and students can contact you on. You can also connect your Facebook page, Linkedin account, Twitter and tutoring website.

Why do I need to include a profile picture?

When your potential clients are searching though the filtered results they like to know who they are contacting. It helps them build an initial bond of trust before reaching out and they are far more likely to click on tutors that have included profile pictures which means that tutors that don’t include a profile picture receive almost no profile views. We strongly encourage you to put up a profile picture.

How do I make my profile show higher in the search results?

Our search algorithm is set to ensure that fuller profiles with complete information are boosted to the top of the search results as this ensures that parents and students are being given enough information to make a decision. We also will prioritise tutors who have recently been using their tutorconnect account as this generally indicates those tutors are actively looking for tutoring assignments.

Why should I fill out a whole profile page?

We want to provide students and parents with enough information to make an informed decision about which tutors to contact. It’s not very efficient for potential clients to contact lots of tutors who have not provided sufficient information, just so that can find out whether those tutors may fit their requirements. This ensures that you only get contacted by very warm leads.

Where do you find clients for me?

We find potential clients from many different sources including both paid and organic online search marketing. Due to the size of tutorconnect and our expertise at doing this we are able to carry out marketing campaigns far more efficiently than if individual tutors try to do this themselves for their own individual tutoring service. We hope that as tutorconnect grows more people will know about the network and come here directly to find tutors.

Why don’t I pay commission?

We don’t hire lots of co-ordinators, sales people and marketing teams. All we ask is that you keep your profile as up to date as possible. That way students and parents can make their own decisions about who to contact and we don’t need to pass on hefty overhead costs to you in the form of commission.