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Set up your free profile page in minutes to start finding new students today. Parents and students can contact you directly and we don't take commission from you.

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It takes just a couple of minutes to register your details and it's free. Your profile is live immediately and you will start appearing in our search results where parents and students can find you and contact you directly.

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Keep your profile information up to date and complete so that parents can find you and your classes in the search results. Be sure to upload a profile picture - if you stand out from the crowd you'll receive far more enquiries.

spread the knowledge


Your customers contact you through the details in your profile to arrange lessons. You will take payment directly - there is no agency involved. Here's where you get to do what you are trained to do and teach!

Tutors - how to get the most from tutorconnect

How tutors can build tuition business on tutorconnect

First of all REGISTER! tutorconnect is not an agency, we don't charge commission for matching you with students so you have nothing to lose! It takes just a few minutes to get online then:

If you would like some further advice on how to market your tuition service we have a series of articles dedicated to helping you build a base of clients. Check out the first in the series by clicking here.

And you can always drop us a line to ask any questions at hello@tutorconnect.sg

That's all there is to it - so why not take the first step to growing your tuition business and register now by clicking below?

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